Saturday, November 23, 2013

Greed is the Opposite of Thanksgiving

You may say it's not greed to be frugal, much less to buy a gift for someone else.  Often, shoppers on Black Thursday/Friday are simply seeking the best deals on their gift purchases.  In general, I suppose there's a point to be made there, but given the particular context, I'm gonna have to call shenanigans.

Is our Thanksgiving expression of gratitude really sincere if the very next day (or even the same day), we go out and demand more stuff?  What are we telling the ones we love if we encourage them to be thankful, but still feel the need to shower them with the latest and greatest?

Thanksgiving is the only example of American culture per se that we can call praiseworthy, yet we have sullied it by juxtaposing it on the calendar with one of the worst examples of American culture, unrestrained greed.

In making plans for this coming week, please consider the following. Notice any similarities?