Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gregory the Great Destroys Me

So here's Gregory the Great on the sins of priests (including himself):

“We do not seek to gain souls; we devote ourselves daily to our own pursuits, we attend to earthly matters, we strive for human praise with all our will. From being set over others we have greater freedom to do anything we like, and so we turn the ministry we have received into an occasion for display. We abandon God’s cause, and we devote ourselves to earthly business; we accept a place of holiness and involve ourselves in earthly deeds. What is written in Hosea is truly fulfilled in us: ‘And so it will be, like people, like priest.’ A priest does not differ from the people when he does not surpass their deeds by any merit of his own.” 
- Forty Gospel Homilies, 19.

Okay. I need to go to confession.

Pope St. Gregory the Great making us all feel bad.

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